Police across Canada pulled out of the upcoming World Police and Fire Games in Montreal as a result of the war with Montreal’s city and provincial officials over cut backs to their pensions. The Games usually have participants from over 70 countries and have over ten thousand participants every year, but the pressure from the Firefighters and the staunch support by the police across killed this great event.

In speaking with several police officers across the country my sense is, this is more than just pension issues. The general consensus is police are just getting fed up with the way they are being treated by the decision makers in their profession.

You can only take so much negative reporting and decisions, while the bigger picture across Canada reflects that the police are doing an incredible job that gets tougher all the time. The amount of good work which does not get reported and the few negative stories which are splashed all over page one has already made a terrible, negative impact on police. When I heard the Canadian Police Association came out with full support in pulling out of the games in Montreal I was convinced there is something else here.

Police across Canada are just fed up.

But why stop with police fire games? It is time for police across the country to fully support each other on many fronts.  The allegations of racial profiling and “carding” and the way the RCMP are being treated by upper management all demand a unified and loud response.

Rights and protection for police officers are just as serious a concern for police in Canada as they are for citizens but we forget that police are citizens also.  A boycott of the Beyonce’s of the world would be a good start that could be followed by a national campaign where we educate everyone that ‘ BLUE LIVES MATTER’.

The thousands of police officers across Canada when unified can be a powerful group that cannot be denied or ignored.  When they pull together they can make it tough on the anti-police club (you know who they are). It is time for all of them to support each other like they did in supporting their Montreal colleagues.

Craig Bromell