A Most Violent Year

It is becoming more than obvious that since carding has been stopped in Toronto crime has been increasing. As just reported in the Toronto Sun on March 2nd, there have been 24 homicides in Toronto alone between Dec 1, 2015 and Feb 29, 2016, with majority being person shot with firearms. This is an incredible spike of 150% over same time last year.

Let’s walk through the difference on the streets today since the police in Toronto were forced to abandon the tool of Police Carding.  Today a bad guy will carry a firearm more often than not, just by the fact he or she knows a police officer will not stop and interview them as in the past when there was carding. I have spoken to several officers who admit there is no way they are going to take a chance and stop someone and then get called up on the carpet by police management, media or special interest groups. Front line officers from across the city are stating that it is just not worth it for their careers. No one has embraced this fact more than the criminals. This spike in homicides cannot be attributed to warmer weather and more people on the streets interacting with one another. Another lame excuse is that suddenly during these milder temperatures there are more guns available on our streets. Yet no one is actually saying what the real reason is, and that is simply that the police are handcuffed from doing their job and protecting us.

Chief Mark Saunders knows this and he is more frustrated than anyone because he knows this is speeding towards a more violent Toronto. Staff Inspector Greg McLane of the Homicide Unit has also acknowledged this and the dire fact that his unit is not getting any help from the front line because of the new policy regarding carding.

Someone like City Councilor Michael Thompson should be aware of this but since his being kicked off the Toronto Police Services Board he has been following his own agenda. I know Michael and consider him one of the better city officials in Toronto, but he is dangerously wrong on carding. Since carding was stopped there have been no changes in the criminal activity in which the Toronto Police Services tracks closely except for homicides, bank robberies, and assaults which are all violent crimes.

I hope the ones who are doing the grandstanding and have gone over the top in their reactions to carding do not get in the cross fire between two shooters who know they are free to conceal a firearm and open up anytime they want.

2016 is going to be a very violent year in Toronto and unfortunately nothing is in place to change this terrible outcome.

Craig Bromell