Montreal Police Brotherhood (union) have begun a billboard campaign against the mayor of Montreal, educating the citizens of that great city on the quota system for issuing tickets. Quotas across Canada, for police officers issuing tickets, has been around for 40 years. In the past, Toronto police officers have been evaluated by the number of tickets they write every month. The more tickets the better they look to the brass. Not meeting quotas means somebody will be coming down on them.

Obviously, there are other messages in the billboard campaign. Montreal Police Union is just fed up with a number of issues affecting the men and women of their organization. Like I have said in past few days, certain groups, politicians and those who are constantly attacking the police across this country, should beware. Front line police believe the public need to know what is really going on within the policing system.

By advertising through media outlets they can control and explain how messed up the system is. Whether Montreal, Toronto, RCMP or smaller police associations they all must start educating the public on what is really going on. Learn from the anti-cop groups or the politicians who love a mic in their face, broadcasting about how bad the police are.

One billboard in Montreal will not do it, but if all Canadian police unions start with a media blitz like never seen before, watch out. Start by naming the groups or individuals who are misleading the public. Set up a 1- 800 snitch line to report ‘cop haters’ and have every police union in Canada sign up for ‘BLUE LIVES MATTER’. Start spreading the word, police officers are doing a great job everyday and they do not appreciate the unnecessary BS about their profession.

Police must start defending themselves from all this negativity.

Craig Bromell