On Tuesday April 19 2016, hidden away in the Toronto Star, there was a very positive story about two 51 Division police officers who were able to take down a suspect threatening people with a knife in the area of Parliament St and Carlton St. What I mean by takedown is, they were eventually able to physically control the guy, remove the knife and take him into custody. The writer of the story was also a witness to this incident and he actually praised the officers. Also mentioned in the story is the unwarranted comparison to the Sammy Yatim incident. As police officers all know, every incident which could go violent is different, no two are the same.

Since last Saturday, when this incident happened, there have been multiple occurrences similar in nature where the police have taken some violent person into custody where no one was injured, in other words, job well done. No complaints, no grandstanding by anyone, just coppers doing their job. This particular positive story about the police has not appeared anywhere else in print or been covered by any other media outlet. All media will pick up on a story about coppers, that is, if the story is bad or negative. I do applaud the Toronto Star for putting it somewhere in their publication. The issue I have with this story is it was buried and did not receive better coverage. If the outcome was different and the coppers had shot this person, the story would have been on page 1, top half of the fold with headlines 4 inches wide.

Here is an example of when the police service should be coming out with this type of positive news about their police officers. Everyday this kind of good news should be sent out. If its good enough for a newspaper reporter to witness an incident like this and report it, why can’t the police service or any other organization connected with the service acknowledge it in public.

I will conclude on this note, the description of male with knife as witnessed by Toronto Star writer…..young, dark-skinned man with curly black hair brandishing a chef’s knife with several people quick stepping away from the suspect so they are not stabbed….

Craig Bromell