Hamilton Police Service would have you believe the men and women of their police service have decided on their own, to stop carding, because apparently they do not need this tool anymore to fight crime. As I wrote a few days ago, police officers in Hamilton ON have basically stopped carding in the past year. From stopping and interviewing thousands of people, to just carding 30 people in all of 2015. The command of HPS made it clear that they do not need the tool of carding anymore because crime is down and after years of using carding, as a tool for criminal investigations, they now know who all the bad guys are. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

This is a complete embarrassment for Law Enforcement everywhere. The Hamilton Police Command made it clear that they have not instructed, or ordered, any police officers to stop carding, yet somehow hundreds of officers decided on their own to stop carding because it was better for everyone, not to mention the criminals. I know a lot of police officers in Hamilton and I know they are embarrassed by the statements coming from the Hamilton Police HQ.

To think for a moment that anyone would believe they stopped carding because it does not work anymore, and that they have already identified the persons that police should be concerned about in the future, is just ludicrous. Just take a walk in downtown Hamilton and see the mess the coppers have to deal with. Some parts are comparable to Vancouver’s east side. I guess Hamilton has something special when it comes to fighting crime because every other Police Chief I know or who I have spoken to still believes that carding is needed everywhere, including Hamilton ON.

No Police Command should give in to any persons or groups for political reasons and think they are fooling everyone by making statements that are just not believable. The police command in Hamilton owe it to the men and women working the streets and protecting society. Police officers in Hamilton stopped carding to send a message and the message was not what was coming from their command.

Craig Bromell