Toronto Mayor John Tory has agreed to meet with Black Lives Matter to have discussions regarding their complaints about the Toronto Police. Really, there should be no surprise about a meeting between Tory and BLM, after all, it was just a matter of time. There is an expression within Law Enforcement around the world called ‘Fight/Flight Syndrome’, which means politicians who stand up for police than yield to any groups or persons who are anti-police. Usually this occurs because the politician gets scared or intimidated for sake of political correctness, can’t take the pressure, or just does not know what to do.

There have been many examples of this syndrome recently in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Chicago and with the RCMP. So let’s walk through the process; Mayor and BLM have their meeting, Mayor hears their complaints, he will probably get yelled at, accused of doing nothing and then get asked to support their cause and side with them over the police. The Mayor will not commit to anything and probably call some type of inquiry or task force and blame the province.

OR…he sides with BLM. Then the police of Toronto have a simple decision, whether to turn on the mayor and make it clear they are not happy. Make it clear to everyone, including the Mayor, they have crossed the line. Maybe start a campaign against the mayor and anyone else who sides with him. Launch a job action and I’m not talking about wearing ball caps. Toronto Police Association has hundreds of different actions they could take. Toronto police are not racist and they are not targeting any single group in society. The Police community is not going to be a target of any community or have anyone benefit from false accusations.

No matter how difficult Tory thinks BLM can make his job, it is nothing compared to how difficult the police can make it, if all 8000 with the TPA turn on him.

Craig Bromell