Today’s officers are better educated and come from different disciplines, that is probably true. “They will understand the changing role and culture of policing in Toronto so it’s going to be difficult for the police union to pressure politicians into compliance.” – Brian Ashton past Toronto Police Service Board member – Toronto Star April 25, 2016.

I know Brian Ashton, not a bad guy, he was a good city councilor but he is wrong on this issue. My guess is Ashton was guessing or hoping his statement was true. He makes it sound like police in Toronto have already given up. I have spoken to all police ranks in Toronto and with other police services across Canada, better educated maybe, different disciplines, not a chance. They are just as pissed off today as they have been for the past 15-20 years. Police today want to fight back; they are just waiting for the word.

Not all members of the Toronto Police Association want to go to war, some still have ambitions of becoming Chief one day. My guess is the TPA has support of close to 90% of its members, to start a war against those who are constantly slamming them for one reason or another. And Ashton’s comment about “changing role and culture of policing in Toronto”, the only real change I see is that some individuals and groups in our society are continually trying to screw a cop or an entire police service. Some of the officers I have spoken to have changed their ways, in the past they were more laid-back, would not get involved in police labour disputes, now I hear the same officers say “screw this I’ve had it, let’s take a major stand.”

Police in Toronto and across Canada do an amazing job. They want to do the job of protecting all communities but they can only take so much. It is getting close to the point police are going to step it up when it comes to protecting themselves on all fronts.

Craig Bromell