As I have written in a past blog, secrecy of any information from the SIU or anyone involved in an investigation, where a police officer is justified in taking a life, is a problem.  Especially when all police officers have been cleared of any charges, whether criminal or police act. As with the Andrew Loku matter, which is all over the media, some believe there is a cover-up of some kind involving the police or the SIU because there is a gag order on any information. Sitting on information which paints a clearer picture of the incident involving a police officer shooting will cause wild accusations against the police.

Several police officers have reached out to me with information regarding the investigation of the subject officer and witness officers involved in the Loku investigation. I have been told every officer involved in the investigation gave the SIU full cooperation assisting them in their investigation, including the subject officer who gave a detailed statement on tape to the SIU investigators. The interview lasted 1½ hours during which the subject officer gave complete details of the shooting and answered every question. The same went for the witness officers. The same detailed answers were given to the Toronto Police Service’s administration investigation. Full cooperation no cover-up.

The subject officer showed up and sat down with the SIU on first request for an interview. The subject officer answers will be played at any inquest involving this matter because it was taped. Again nothing to hide. I am sick and tired of a group like “black lives matter” taking some credit for the coroner calling an inquest into the Loku incident. This inquest was going to be called the moment the police officer discharged their firearm, everyone knows this including the subject officer who has nothing to hide.

And finally the reason the officers’ names are not being released is obvious, there is a concern for their safety.

Craig Bromell