“Hostile” interaction. This from Hamilton city councillor Matthew Green. His words describing a recent street interview he had with two Hamilton police officers while he was waiting for a bus. By all accounts it was anything but hostile. The information received from Hamilton Police Association and Green himself portrayed the officers as polite. They never got out of their cars, they did not come across in a threatening manner and in fact, Green asked more questions than the officers did. The officers did their job the way they have been trained, no harm no fuss.

So what is all the fuss about? Well Green is black, the first black city councillor in Hamilton. And he is appalled that he was questioned on the street. And now this quick interaction between police and a black politician is all over the news, so what is the real goal here. Well first of all, if I were one of these two officers I would never stop anyone on the street, no matter what colour they are. The officers were doing their job and now are accused of being racist, and of course some accusing the entire Hamilton Police Service being racist. Are you kidding me? I would not blame the entire police service for saying ‘forget it drive on’ (FIDO).

If society does not want police to interview people on the street then make it a law. There is just too much confusion today. But to take an investigative tool away from the police, which allows them to interview people on the street, is criminal. I am continually told by police officers there is more FIDO occurring now than ever before. Up until recently to my understanding, these two police officers in Hamilton did not go by the FIDO practice, they were doing their jobs, legally and professionally. Ask them today if they are going to continue to stop anyone else while performing their duties, anyone including known criminals. Not a chance and who can blame them.

It is great to see the leadership of the Hamilton Police Association coming out and protecting their members. Now the police command has to come out just as strong and support these two officers.

Craig Bromell