“They’re feeling very comfortable carrying their firearms, they’re not really being interrupted, they’re not being approached as much as they used to be.” Staff/Inspector Mike Earl Toronto Police Service

A recent statement made by Mike Earl, officer in charge of Hold-Up Unit in Toronto, after a violent shootout and kidnapping between some gang bangers. The shootout occurring in an expensive condo building in downtown Toronto. Several men were involved with several shots being fired before the kidnapping. I have known Mike Earl for 35 years, good cop with an outstanding reputation in Law Enforcement and well liked by the media. Not once have I ever heard anyone question his opinion in the past. At his press conference regarding the above violent shootout he made it clear there is something wrong. He did not come out and say it, but he made it clear to everyone including the media, the city of Toronto is in a much worst condition since ‘carding’ stopped. There are more guns on the street and the city is a more violent place.

The bad guys know they are not going to get stopped by police. So just like the other night in an expensive condo building, several men can walk around freely with firearms knowing the police will not stop and interview them. The bad guys know the police have been instructed to keep their distance, to not approach anyone, no matter who they are.

Here is the problem facing the police; how can they do their job if they do not know if some male is walking down the street with a loaded firearm heading to a shootout or a politician waiting for a bus by a bridge? The obvious solution is they stop no one. Even if they stopped the gang banger with the gun to interview him, that is a no-no, that would be carding and the officer would be considered a racist. Listen, if this is what the Mayor of Toronto, Premier of Ontario or special interest groups want, GREAT. The coppers will go along with it. Equally disturbing about the shootout and kidnapping incident that occurred 10 days ago is the fact we have not heard any comments from the mayor, premier or even the social interest groups about it.

None of the decision makers in the city have really talked about any of the increased violence in the city since carding stopped. All we hear about is a black politician in Hamilton getting stopped and interviewed by two police officers, where the end result is the two Hamilton coppers are considered the bad guys over the gang bangers shooting up an expensive condo building in downtown Toronto.

Craig Bromell