NOW They Want More Coppers

One of the Deputy Mayors in Toronto is asking for more police officers in neighbourhoods where there has been an increase in shootings involving street gangs.  He wants officers redeployed and for them to find solutions to combat gang violence. Areas like Jamestown on the west side of Toronto where a 5 month pregnant women was shot and killed in a drive by shooting days ago. Politicians, like this Deputy Mayor, think by placing officers on foot or on bikes riding around will solve the problem. This is like placing an empty uniform scout car on the side a road to slow down speeders.

What are these coppers going to do, they cannot stop anyone, they cannot approach anyone and start a conversation, especially since the areas the Deputy Mayor wants more officers in has a mostly black population. And when the police officers stop someone and start interviewing them all they will get is a FU, so why bother. And now add the fact that defense lawyers for about 40 people charged as gang members by Toronto Police are hoping to put mobile phone technology (Stingray) on trial and prove the 40 gang bangers rights were violated.

The Deputy Mayor is getting pressure from the community to act, so now everyone wants more officers. Complete waste of time! How about this, the community and politicians, like the Deputy Mayor, get together and challenge the lawyers who are trying to get 40 gang bangers out on a technicality. If the lawyers succeed, then all 40 walk free, back to the neighbourhoods where they will outnumber the coppers on the street. Then, the 40 can walk up to anyone and sell their drugs, concealing a gun while the coppers have to just walk by the same buyers and dealers.

Craig Bromell