It Would Be Wrong

A prominent member of Black Lives Matter has just been arrested and charged with human trafficking and prostitution in the state of Maryland. Charles Wade considered one of the top 40 black activist in the States had 7 charges of felony human trafficking laid against him involving a 17-year-old girl. It was involving a sting operation by police after they answered an ad in a newspaper. The pimping charges laid were days away from Wade being invited to the White House by President Obama for a meeting with other BLM activists.

The irony of this whole thing is obvious, and it would be wrong to think other members of BLM are pimps and we should think, Wade could be the only bad guy. It would be something for BLM to think the same of police officers when they continue to state all cops are racist. BLM will take one example of an officer possibly being a racist and blow it up to the point where every cop is racist. Just like BLM now has one of their members on pimping charges, in no way should we think more members of BLM are pimps. It would be wrong. Just as wrong as thinking all coppers are racist.

Also, Mr. Wade is innocent until proven guilty, the same goes for all police officers who BLM accuses of being racist.

Craig Bromell