Law Enforcement agencies around the United States are waiting for final approval of the Louisiana State Bill 953 which would protect police officers and firefighters in the state and put them down as victims of hate-crime. In others words, it would be a crime to target a police officer or firefighter because of their identity and they would be a protected class under hate-crime laws.

The Louisiana House passed the bill 91-0, it is now headed to Democratic Gov. John B Edwards. It is expected the governor will sign the bill within days. There is also a bill before Congress which would add police officers as a protected class regarding federal hate-crimes.

In Canada police organizations should demand the same. Everyday in this country police officers feel the negativity coming from south of the border where police officers are becoming second class citizens. It is because of media coverage and special interest groups, that Canadian Law Enforcement are being grouped with this negativity. All police officers in North America are being grouped together now, the Chief of Police organizations are meeting all the time, from both sides of the border, to discuss this problem. Someone has to step it up and make it a hate-crime in Canada, when a police officer is targeted by hate. Law Enforcement in Canada deserves this protection and should demand it. Let’s see which politicians are on side and which are against such a movement.

Police officers know more than anyone that hate-crime can lead to serious consequences and violence, they as a group, investigate these crimes everyday. It is time to include them and protect their rights when it comes to hate-crime.

Craig Bromell