This past Sunday there was a small gathering, at the location in Toronto, where a pregnant woman was killed in a drive by shooting. During the gathering some residents of the area were critical of the police, again making statements like they only see the police after a shooting occurs. The shooting of this pregnant woman, as well as several other shootings in the Greater Toronto Area, are signs of an escalation in violence involving firearms. What is not going to help the situation is communities continually blaming the police.

The police want to step it up when it comes to this increase in violence but they are being stopped from doing so. The police are frustrated with the road blocks being put up so they cannot do their jobs. The police want to be in place so they are pro-active to crimes, not re-active and showing up after the shooting. They have been told to stop the pro-active policing, do not stop and interview people, no matter who they are. The communities are getting the type of policing that the decision makers (politicians, media and special interest groups) asked for.

There is a template for fighting crime; lots of police officers and better tools. Listen to them when they believe certain things have to be done. Give police officers the legal power to clean up the problem, and DO NOT second guess every move they make. If they do not have a template they will not be pro-active, they will only be re-active and the violence will continue until the community demands change. Target the real reasons for the violence, like gutless politicians, media who are just trying to sell advertising and special interest groups who bring no solution to the problem.

Craig Bromell