When I was running the Toronto Police Association I was always amazed at how quickly a really bad story involving the police would be removed from the headlines. No matter what the story was, the media would move on, sometimes as quick as a couple days. I would tell my board of directors to be patient, something new will come up. Always, the negative story would be gone typically within a couple weeks. No one is talking much about carding, black lives matter, or that shootings are up in Toronto over 200%, these headlines are gone. The media gets bored of a story quickly and wants to move on once the emotion of a story goes away. In the meantime, shootings continue at an alarming rate and there are several homicide investigations on the go but we are not seeing the headlines anymore.

I never took the headlines seriously for this reason. As it is now, police can be front-page news (usually for the wrong reasons) for a couple days and everyone is screaming and complaining about them, then after a few days you pick up the morning paper or watch the 6 o’clock news and the story everyone was complaining about is gone. New headlines, ‘Toronto is trying to get Expo in 2025 and PM Trudeau is in Japan at G7 but first taking a night out for his anniversary with his wife’.  And during this time, when there are no headlines about the police, the police officers in our communities are performing his or her duties at the highest level.

Law Enforcement is front-page news, usually negative, never about the great work the coppers do, day and night. So when the next negative story comes out about the police (which almost always is BS) give it a couple weeks, let it ride.

Craig Bromell