Ontario Human Rights Commission is creating what they call a ‘blueprint for change’ regarding policing in the province of Ontario. In other words, how to screw your average police officer. Right on schedule the provincial Liberal government are jumping on board with the OHRC. The Liberals are looking at bringing in new legislation by the end of the year, again on how to screw the police. Neither the OHRC or the Liberals have shown any signs of being police friendly or working with the police to solve any problems that are perceived in policing. They are only interested in what the special interest groups want, which is to control the police so they can no longer do their jobs effectively. Any recommended changes from these groups will only assist the criminals and turn policing into a re-active job. There are several things already in place that are preventing the police from being pro-active, with the result being a more violent society. New legislation will seal the outcome, that is ‘bad guys’ win.

If I were with any police organization today I would put all of these groups on notice that any changes brought in, which causes any police officer injury or worse, we will react in a very nasty way. These changes will effect officer safety, and this should be a concern for all police officers. Some of these groups dislike and do not trust the police. The danger here for the police is that the special interest groups priority will not be officer safety first. Some of these changes could put the police in a position where some will challenge the police more often, which will lead to a escalation of violence toward the police. Again there are already signs of this even without new legislation. Several police officers have told me they are already noticing a very negative attitude toward them from all communities and they are being challenged more when it is not warranted.

Politicians, media and special interest groups are creating a problem that does not exist. 99% of the time the communities will not have a problem with the police or with any interaction between the two, so why the negative grand standing toward the police.  Before any of these groups attempt to make change, put on a vest and do a drive-along and see first hand what is going on in some of our communities. Do not make change in the coward way, sitting on a panel and guessing at what changes should be brought in.


Craig Bromell