Ontario Human Rights Commission is asking the Ontario Liberal Government to force every police service in the province to “establish a permanent system to record human rights based data on all stops of civilians, use of force incidents, and interactions where officers ask about immigration status.” The OHRC also wants all of the collected data to go public and not just for internal use. The first part of the OHRC request is not going to work because the police are not stopping anyone on the streets these days, so there will be no data. There are no interactions with any possible immigrants so it would be hard to ask for their status. Again, this is just another way policing is becoming a re-active profession. Every request from OHRC to the Ontario government is taking away any chance of policing staying a pro-active profession.

Now it is time for police organizations to make their own request to the Ontario government. It is time to keep race data on crimes committed. Let’s find out which community is responsible for the increase in shootings and homicides involving firearms. Which community is responsible for the drug trade? Who is involved with the human trafficking problem in our province? Let’s keep data on all the crimes in our communities. Let’s find out which communities are the biggest problem out there, where crimes are committed. It would be a quick answer, if the data was kept for even a month, we would have the answers. Let’s find out why certain communities are more involved with certain crimes, then study it and come up with solutions. If this type of data was kept it would help with the request coming from OHRC to the government. Let’s find out once and for all who is responsible for crimes in our communities. Who is responsible for the shootings and what race is more involved? Then make it public.

Craig Bromell