Toronto Police officers must be prepared to step it up and challenge changes coming from the task force to modernize the police service. Throughout the report it complains that the service is not modern enough or, in other words, not soft enough. Wanted; kinder, gentler police service. The cover picture is a uniform officer walking holding hands with a child. I thought I was going to puke, this is not police work, this is an embarrassment.

Cutting back hundreds of police officers and closing police stations is bad enough, but exploring changes to the two-officer patrol car crosses the line. Decision makers at 40 College are acting like we live in a crime free world; no violence, no guns, no crime. They must notice that violence is up in this city with no signs of slowing down. But the real problem is, any of these changes will impact officer safety and if police officers are not safe then the community is not safe. It is very disappointing to hear some of these changes as I know most of the players involved and I am shocked they would go along with this.

All police officers should be concerned in Ontario, even across the country, because this is a test to see if the changes will come in and not be challenged. Toronto coppers have to challenge this right now, make it clear that they are not going along with this if it affects their safety. The two-officer patrol car was the biggest fight the Toronto Police Association ever fought. This change has to be challenged along with any layoffs, even through attrition. Coppers have to start getting just as nasty as the ones looking for change They have a right to protect themselves especially since no one else is outside the police association.

Even before this report officer safety was being affected in a very dangerous way.

Craig Bromell