For years I have never understood why the media does not write or air more positive stories about the police. We all know for every negative story about the police there are hundreds if not thousands of positive ones. Stories where the police are heroes, doing great work for the community, rushing into violence when others are running away. Why all the negativity towards them? I guess negative stories sell, not just in law enforcement but every part of society. Maybe media wants to make sure police stay honest, keep them under the microscope so they do not screw up, whether it is procedural or criminal. But saying all that, with most media outlets the only time you see any compassion for the police is when an officer dies in the line of duty.

Some media outlets portray the police profession out to be so bad that they never write anything positive about it, I mean nothing. It is always about how a copper or police service screwed up. When they write or air the negative it paints every copper with the same negative brush. Hearing this day in and day out taints the public’s perception of the police. Somehow law enforcement everywhere have to get the positive and hero stories out there, something as simple as a ‘hero of the month award’ instead of a ‘hero of the year award’. Find ways of bragging about the profession, instead of assuming its just part of the job. Tell the stories of the heroes; exhaust every avenue to make sure the world knows just how extraordinary and brave the police are.

Craig Bromell