While Toronto Police Chief Saunders did apologize for the 1981 Bath House Raids there should be some clarification with his apology. The problem is it paints the entire police force, of the time, as the guilty party. The reality is, only a few on the service would have been involved in a decision to raid the bathhouses. Maybe half dozen members of the force, the others would have been outside decision makers. Crown attorneys would have been involved and a Justice of the Peace would have signed the search warrants.

The police force would not have acted alone, they were not allowed to act alone, those were and still are the rules. Not one uniform officer in all of the media photographs would have been involved in the decision to raid, including the photos of the raids or the riots after. Those officers were under orders from higher-ups to assist with the raids and to keep the peace during the riots. The real apology should be from the few on the police force at the time and the ones working for the provincial government. The apology is warranted, but it should not be the entire police force that should apologize, just the few decision makers. Do not blame the frontline police officers for the 1981 mistake. They were under orders and will not be the scapegoat here.

Craig Bromell