Former members of Toronto Police Hold-Up Squad have announced they are suing Ontario’s Attorney General, claiming they were wrongly condemned in court for police brutality. The three officers involved allege negligence on the part of Crown Attorneys. I see a new pattern coming from police officers when protecting their reputations, having to go to the courts to see the truth come out regarding their role in the incident. I hear there are several dozen civil suites being looked at right now where police officers must sue to clear their names.

As I have written in the past, critics of the police should be careful, false accusations will lead the police to challenge the accusers in a number of ways including suing. Nothing has been proven in this particular case, but I know of a couple hundred cases across the country where the police could sue to clear their names of any wrongdoing. It is just too easy to falsely accuse a police officer of wrong doing, where there is no evidence and no one comes forward to assist the officer in presenting evidence that clears him/her. As much effort has to be used to clear an officer as is used to hang the officer out to dry. This is not being done today, so the police must take things into their own hands and deal with it.

Craig Bromell