In all my years of being involved in the police labour fight, I never thought I would see the day a Senior Officer Police Association would take a stand as did the Peel Regional Senior Officers Association. PRSOA is asking for the Chair of the Peel Regional Police Service Board to resign over ‘lost confidence’ with his position.

After weeks of Chair Amrik Ahluwalia showing a lack of support and respect for Chief Jennifer Evans, all members of Peel Regional Police Service have had it. Forget the reasons, just the fact the Senior Officers Association is leading a fight against the PSB is incredible. As I have been saying for weeks, unwarranted police criticism is not going to be tolerated anymore. When you have upper management of any company, let alone a Police Service, openly challenge their bosses (PSB), the times are changing. My guess is that the police association, which represents all frontline police officers and police civilians in Peel Region, will follow and then the provincial Liberal government will have to get involved. This thing could very well blow up and spread. There are a lot of very upset police officers of all ranks in Canada who have just had enough.

Craig Bromell