After years of the Toronto Police Service making positive strides with the Gay Community it all came crashing down because of a special interest groups outrages demand. It is one thing for Black Lives Matter to make a demand that police no long participate in future Gay Pride Parades, but it is another when the Gay Community so quickly agreed.

BLM have zero respect with all Law Enforcement agencies, but the respect between the police and the gay community was growing in a very positive way. The TPS was doing everything to make it right between themselves and the GC, including making it as safe as possible for their parade, especially after the Orlando massacre. Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack has demanded an apology from the Gay Community and a retraction of the BLM demand.

There should be a demand from the police to all three levels of government asking them if they agree with the BLM demand. All three levels of government were represented in the parade including the Prime Minister, Ontario Premier and the Mayor of Toronto. It is a simple question, and should be a simple answer, and depending on the answer the police should start with their own plans, like boycotting the next big parade in Toronto, Caribana. I have written several times that the police are fed-up. No more meetings just start answering simple questions.

Craig Bromell