John Tory (Mayor of Toronto) wants more talk and more meetings; he thinks this will fix any problem that arose out of the circus at Pride this past Sunday when Black Lives Matter stopped the parade. How about this; forget the meetings and get the politicians to stop kissing the asses of Black Lives Matter.

Tory has been a very big disappointment with his lack of support for the police in Toronto.  He can say all he wants about supporting the police, but ask any copper and they will say he has turned his back on them. Same goes for Premier Wynne, the way they are both supporting BLM has brought a real lack of trust within all ranks of the police, not just in Toronto but throughout Ontario. In talking to many police officers patrolling the parade, it turned into a security nightmare when BLM forced the parade to stop. With the Prime Minister, Premier and the Mayor in the parade there was a real concern for their security. Even before BLM disrupted the parade there was a high level of security because of the shootings in Orlando.

All politicians including Tory have to draw a line in the sand with BLM before it really gets out of hand. Forget the meetings, have some guts and stand up to this group, lead by example. There are many people in Ontario who have had it with BLM, including the Gay Community. The police do not want to sit down and talk with BLM. What they should be doing is getting in their face and making it clear enough is enough. The Mayor has to stop with this, ‘everything will be OK after we all meet’, talk.  That will solve nothing.

Craig Bromell