Even after 5 Dallas Police Officers were murdered, nothing has changed.  Demonstrations continue and many on both sides expect things will get even more violent. Among law enforcement everywhere there is a sense some anti-police groups are looking for an “eye for an eye”. Police are getting very concerned for their own safety. They are concerned of copycat situations following Dallas, peaceful demonstrations turning violent and police officers being set up through ambushes (fake radio calls to kill a cop).

Fuelling the safety concern within the police rank and file are some decisions coming from politicians, like the recent announcement that the Black Lives Matter Toronto are receiving the Toronto City Hall William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations. WOW, are you kidding me, this decision is a complete slap in the face of every police officer in Toronto, to even think of giving out an award to a group like this is bad enough, but to actually award it is like stabbing every copper in the back. The only positive with giving out this award to BLM is that the police know where they stand with every politician in Toronto including the Mayor. I have not heard of any politician challenging this decision so they must all agree. This decision is just fuelling the fight against the police, they have to get more militant, and this will affect officer safety.

When it comes time to give this award out at City Hall to BLM, every police car in the city of Toronto should drive to City Hall and circle it, turn lights and sirens on every S/C, get out of the cars and throw the keys in the trunk of the cars and walk away.

Craig Bromell