In an email sent out late last week from Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to the police service, the Chief makes it clear police officers have to ensure their own safety while on the job. After 5 police officers were gunned down in Dallas there is a real concern in policing for officer safety. The concern is, it could happen anywhere and that includes Canada. With the way police are being attacked in Toronto, the safety concern is at its highest level. The email is direct, do what you have to do, protect yourselves and others. Believe me the frontline police are taking it seriously. They did not need an email from the Chief, but it is good to know the Chief has their back and is concerned.

There is always a chance of a copycat to the Dallas shootings, fake radio calls to set up a cop. I have been told precautions are in place to protect police officers. Police officers are the best at watching each others back, ‘standing 6’ is a term which has been around a long time. Like in Dallas, it only takes one person and it can happen very quickly. Law Enforcement is the most important job in society and it just got a lot harder and more dangerous.

Craig Bromell