Unimaginable times for all Law Enforcement

“An absolutely unspeakable heinous attack”, words from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards at a press conference after the shooting in Baton Rouge Louisiana where three officers were murdered, and a fourth officer fighting for his life. Unimaginable times for all Law Enforcement.

After Dallas, police officers were hoping for some breathing space to collect their thoughts and courage to keep doing the job. This latest ambush of police officers has many in shock. This looks like a well organized execution, where the murdered officers never had a chance. Before Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers everywhere, including Canada were expecting the worst, there was just too much anger towards their profession. Unjust anger toward the most important profession in society.

I have stated before that many people have to be held responsible for any harm done to a single police officer, let alone the 8 police officers murdered in less than two weeks. Changes have to be made as to how police officers are deployed to radio calls, not just 911 calls, but all radio calls. In the past there has been ‘NO GO’ radio calls (do not attend a call unless there are a minimum 4 officers), including in cities like Toronto. Emergency Task Force should be deployed more often, increase weapons and training for officers and increase intelligence gathering.

The times have changed now, 20 years of building trust in all communities is gone, police officers are back to ‘us against the world’ mentality. Many outside of policing should be ashamed of themselves. Police are on edge and there is going to be more violence. Everyone has to step it up to make it better, including the police, all communities, politicians and the media. It is not working today and many know it is going to get worst before it gets better.

Craig Bromell