Going Backwards

For years the police have been trying to be more community friendly, a change from the ‘us against the world’ mentality. When I became a police officer there was no community base policing, it was very much a paramilitary operation, in your face catch the bad guy policing, and screw everybody else.

Over the year’s community policing emerged and took about 20 years to be accepted within the rank and file. Now things could be changing back for two reasons. Firstly, cops have had it with all the finger pointing and negativity toward them, they are reverting to the ‘us against the world’ mentality. They feel they are the priority now not the community. Secondly, we are seeing groups like Black Lives Matter demand police floats be removed from Pride parades in Toronto and now Vancouver, using the excuse, it is too insulting to have the police participate in the parade. To be honest the majority of police officers couldn’t care less whether they are in any pride parade or not, this is more of a gesture from high ranking police officers and politicians because it looks good, remember image is everything in Law Enforcement. Because of the BLM demand (which is being taken seriously by some) it could be the start of less community base policing. Removing something as simple as a float from a parade for a community event is going backwards from community base policing and all for the wrong reasons.

Craig Bromell