Hundreds of police officers showed up to a vigil at the Ontario Police Memorial in Toronto to show support for their American cousins who have recently been murdered in the USA. During the vigil it was stated morale is low and the police everywhere are constantly being attacked and scrutinized at each step and with every action. These comments were coming from Toronto Police Chief Saunders, with a lot of emotion attached to his words.

The morale is low because all the positive work by the police is being completely ignored. There is a real fear among all rank and file of even more violence being directed toward them. Mayor John Tory, who also attended the vigil, stated “we must not let this community be divided, we must use tragedies like this to re-dedicate ourselves to make sure Toronto is the beacon of hope to the world that has been and must continue to be”. Nice words, but I believe it is too late.

Police officers are becoming one voice, loyalty and solidarity is stronger now than ever before. They do not want to hear about the community, they want to hear just how important they are in keeping a society safe. They want to hear that all politicians have their backs. They want to hear that the community has their backs. The police are becoming very loyal to themselves, not the community, they know now they only have each other and they are the first priority. In policing, when you have low morale you depend on each other more to get the job done.

Craig Bromell