With all the negativity being directed towards the police these days there is a new problem in Law Enforcement. Fewer people want to join the job as new recruits, which could force police services everywhere to lower the standards required to join a police service.  Just recently the RCMP announced they could be hiring people who are not Canadian citizens. They are having a big problem attracting good candidates who are Canadian, so they are looking at hiring non-Canadians.

Other police services across the country are having the same problem attracting the right people for the job of being a sworn police officer. Because of the negativity, young people just see no good reason to get involved in the circus. The politically correct side of the modern policing issue is causing a problem with hiring. Police services are giving themselves a hiring quota to hire so many women, visible minorities and aboriginals.

I have always said hire the best no matter what sex or colour they are, make it fare and equal for everyone. Lowering hiring standards is not fair to anyone, not just the applicant, but the citizens of a community who end up with a police officer who does not meet the past high standards. Hiring standards for any job have to be at the highest level, lowering the standards will be disastrous for everyone. Unless the image of police improves and the majority, including politicians, stand behind the troops there will be a much lower standard of police work being done in the future and a less safe society.

Craig Bromell