These days all the ‘so called experts’ are trying to come up with all kinds of ideas to change policing so police become more like social workers than protectors. Almost every expert who is weighing in on changing how police do their job has never worked the streets as a police officer. The professors, special interest groups, politicians, media and lawyers have all become experts on how a police officer should do his/her job. There is even talk from these ‘experts’ on how society could remove the firearm from the police.

Some believe the police now have the ‘warrior’ mentality, or ‘us against the world’ approach to policing and there has to be dramatic change. Many would like the police to officially become the social workers of society, not the protectors. It has already started. Police are expected to care for the mentally challenged when the healthcare system has failed them. When a police officer is confronted with someone who is off their meds or missed an appointment with their doctor, and wants to harm or kill the officer, the experts want the police to somehow cuddle this person instead of protecting themselves or others.

So there is serious talk of taking away the coppers gun, and somehow have the officer stop this mentally challenged person from blowing their head off or stop this person from sticking a knife in them. It is laughable, but should be taken seriously, because a newspaper (see attached article) will write this crap and give the ‘so called experts’ a platform to discuss this crap when times are slow with the police in the media (my two week solution). They have to take some responsibility with what they write.

Craig Bromell