A day after I wrote that some ‘so called experts’ are asking whether police officers should be carrying firearms, a Toronto police officer shot a distressed male who had previously stabbed another male party in the Yonge and Dundas area of downtown Toronto. Information from witnesses on scene said it looked like there was no doubt the officer had to discharge their firearm to protect themselves after the male suspect threatened the officers with the same knife he used to stab someone minutes earlier. In fact, witnesses made it clear the officer did what anyone else would have done in the same situation by shooting the guy with the knife.

The Ottawa Citizen newspaper wrote yesterday that it should be looked at as to what the world would be like if police officers did not have guns, similar to some countries around the world. Well to start, we could have had one dead cop in Toronto today. More often police across Canada have to use their gun to defend themselves, whether discharging it or just pointing it at someone to defuse a violent situation. There were comments made in the Citizen article from the ‘so called experts’ that it should be investigated and researched whether or not police should carry a firearm. My only comment is, have the professors and experts who want change, put in the position of the Toronto officer yesterday and see what they would have done without a gun to protect them from this distressed guy charging them with a knife after the same guy had just stabbed someone else.

It is so easy to ask for change from a desk, miles away from the action and violence when you have no idea what you are talking about.

Craig Bromell