Ottawa Police service has just hired on a Somali-Canadian who had failed several background checks forcing the investigator in charge of vetting potential officers to resign. As incredible as this sounds, Ottawa Police Chief Bordeleau hired the Somali-Canadian applicant the same day (July 24) as two of his officers were being investigated by the SIU for an in-custody death of another Somali-Canadian. The vetting investigator resigned her post because the Chief hired on the applicant against her advise.

The applicant was unsuitable and his hiring “is being done for political reasons to appease the Somali community”, stated the investigator. The applicant hired had already received a rejection letter from the police service that Bordeleau reversed on July 25. The investigator found the applicant had 16 convictions under the Highway Traffic Act including four license suspensions and speeding infractions. The applicant always showed negative behaviour when pulled over by the police and used several dates of birth. Just to add to this story the applicant also tweeted about the July 24 incident, critical of the police union and officers responses.

WOW…. Every police organization in Canada should force the Ottawa Police Chief to resign. This is beyond embarrassing for all police services and police unions.  To lower the standards of a great profession to this is just wrong. Someone should have the Chief investigated for his actions and force him to resign, the policing professions does need someone like this involved in policing. This is worse than affirmative action, this is worse than political correction, there has to be something else going on that we do not know about. Give the Chief a fair investigation but have him step down during this time.

Craig Bromell