Here is the problem with Ottawa Police Chief Bordeleau; a week does not go by in this country where a Police Chief of a Police Service does not have a police officer charged under a police act or criminal charge for exactly what this new hired recruit was vetted for. So now the police service is inviting such conduct?

When I ran the Toronto Police Association, several times police officers were charged under the Ontario Police Act for attitude, offences under Highway Traffic Act or other conduct offences. The Command was always looking for perfection in the way police officers conducted themselves on and off the job. In their eyes the perception of the Police Service was number one, no matter how minor, charge the officer to save the image of the service.

Now we find a major Police Service hiring (for whatever reason) someone who failed the vetting process several times for incidents, had they already been a police officer, they would have been charged several times under the Police Act. I have seen where the Command has tried to go after an officer’s job for the same offences this applicant failed during the vetting process. Unless something else is going on, this person was hired by the Chief for political reasons, which in itself is very wrong. Lowering the standards just to hire someone from a specific community is dangerous. All communities in the Ottawa area expect the best to get hired into their police service.

I just do not know why a Chief of Police would hire on someone whose conduct would not be accepted in his Police Service. Like I said yesterday, this is embarrassing for all police organizations and this decision should be reversed and the Chief investigated for his conduct.

Craig Bromell