Black Lives Matter demonstrated again in downtown Toronto over an incident in Ottawa, of an in custody death involving Ottawa Police, causing many to realize BLM is just a nuisance who will go away if you give them 30 minutes protesting in a major intersection. It is becoming a bore and more of a pain in the ass for motorist sitting in traffic. Their last demonstration really accomplished nothing; even the press is getting bored with BLM.

Since their last ‘sit-in’ there have been several reports of violence in Toronto involving the so-called ‘black on black’ crime. Over the years mentioning ‘B-on-B’ crime is a ‘no-no’. It doesn’t exist apparently; there is always denial with many in politics and the black community. Well, it does exist and should be looked at by all decision makers. Why is there not a second group within the black community to take a serious look at ‘B-on-B’ crime? Maybe because BLM has no interest, they want justice involving police shootings whether or not a police shooting was justified.

I know if a group was to start up and look at stats involving violence within the black community everyone would jump on board, especially the police. They see it every day, every hour; let’s take a serious look at this problem. Let’s find out if it exists and at the same time get more jobs in certain communities, better housing and more funding for programs and schools. Some will say we are already doing it without a special interest group like BLM, but so far it is not enough, just check the morning report with the Toronto Police Service or media reports and check to see who is shooting who.

Craig Bromell