Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has written a letter to the Ottawa Police Association President Matt Skof accusing him of “undermining the confidence which our residents have in all Ottawa Police Service officers”. With this letter Watson is insulting every police officer in his police service. The majority of Ottawa Police Officers have complained and lost confidence in police chief Charles Bordeleau. This has been going on for several months with dozens of police officers emailing Watson with their concern regarding Bordeleau’s leadership. This concern is coming from all ranks of the service, not just constables.

By sending the letter to Skof, Watson tried reversing the concerns and challenged Skof’s leadership, stating in his letter that if any officer is not happy then they can quit, another insult to every police officer on the service. Thanks for your service, now get out! There is no doubt members of the Ottawa Police Association have a real doubt about Bordeleau. Now they should be concerned about Mayor Watson, he is not going to listen and could not care less if the members of his police service are suffering under a lack of leadership.  What Watson does not get is that it is Skof’s job to protect his members when they come to him with serious questions about anything involving their job. Skof would not act on something like this unless the vast majority of his members came to him complaining.

The answer to this problem is simple, Skof should respond to the mayor’s letter and make it clear the Mayor has insulted every one of his members and in the near future he will be hearing from them. Then Skof should step it up through his membership, if one of his members would rather kiss the Mayor or the Chief’s ass than remove them from the association. Then target the mayor and change his mind. A police Association/Union’s only function is to ‘protect those who protect others’.

Craig Bromell