Black Lives Matter recently protested at the SIU offices in Mississauga, demonstrating against the SIU, stating “your SIU is broken…it needs a serious dismantling and remaking”. The record of the SIU since its inception does show a very small percentage of their investigations lead to police officers being charged criminally and when charges are laid a smaller percentage of charges lead to convictions.

The SIU has found 95% of the time that police officers acted professionally and did nothing wrong in their actions. When the 5% of officers are charged the courts have found that they are innocent 98% of the time. Pretty good numbers when it comes to the profession of policing in the Province of Ontario. Citizens in Ontario should feel comfortable with police officers doing an excellent job. So what does BLM really want to change? Obviously more criminal charges, lower the level of proof when charging a cop, and putting him or her before the courts, whether the officer is innocent or not. But then what? Because the percentage of convictions is even less than charges laid. What does BLM do with the courts, my guess is the courts are next, protesting outside the courts or maybe judges home addresses?

The burden of proof for every Canadian, including police officers, will never change whether it is the SIU or any other body investigating police officers. There are rules and laws in place protecting everyone with the general rule ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Most people are getting tired of BLM and believe they are becoming a nuisance who want to change the constitution to ‘police officers are considered guilty until proven innocent’. Most coppers I have spoken to feel it was great seeing BLM protest at SIU HQ, and really hope they stay there for days or even weeks, knowing it really is a waste of time but better than blocking traffic at Yonge and Dundas.

Craig Bromell