Canadian Federal Department of Public Safety has just released a report that makes it clear a terrorist attack somewhere in Canada will happen because there are several terrorist groups active in Canada and the police are powerless to stop them.

Even with overwhelming evidence against the terror groups there is just too many conditions in place stopping the police from laying criminals charges. Our court system is making it just to complicated to lay charges or even think about getting convictions against these terrorist groups.  When the rights of known terrorists outweigh mass murder then we really have a problem in this country. Changes must be made to make it easier for the police and federal prosecutors to act.

I just don’t know how a Prime Minister with a young family can sleep knowing he can make changes to stop the worst from happening. He gets the intelligence reports everyday, and the news is probably worse than what his citizens are hearing through the media. Serious decisions have to be made NOW, someone has to realize the rights and protection of all Canadians should always be the priority, not that of known terrorists walking our streets waiting to attack.

Craig Bromell