“They don’t feel city hall has their backs”, was the recent statement from just retired Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy.

Recently, Chicago’s top cop Garry McCarthy was forced out by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the violence in Chicago, with Emanuel putting the blame on McCarthy for the worst violence Chicago has seen in 20 years. Chicago has become ground zero for police being under the gun on many fronts. To simplify the situation in Chicago, it’s a mess, with no sign of trust between the police and the community improving at all. The black on black crime is at an all time high, with everyone including the Mayor blaming the police. The coppers can’t win, no matter how hard they try. Many parts of Chicago are a war zone, the only option for police being to protect themselves first. It took McCarthy being forced into retirement (fired) to finally come out and admit the obvious; his police officers feel they get no backing from anyone.

If city hall and the community turn on police the way Chicago has then you will get the results that Chicago is going through now. The police are not going to help unless they absolutely have to, no more going the extra mile, giving 110%, or rushing to help. They are going to protect their own ass first. Just recently I wrote about the Ottawa Mayor telling his own police service, “if you do not like it, then quit”, a slap to the face of all police in Ottawa. Many police officers in Toronto feel nobody has their backs, and they are frustrated. There is a growing anger toward all decision makers in Toronto, the feeling is they just want to get through the day and go home, no more bragging about being a police officer.

We are hearing more violent crime is going up in Ottawa and Toronto, and as I have always said this is only ‘reported’ violent crime. The leaders of our cities had better start treating the police better than they treat the criminals, or coppers will get very good at protecting themselves first.

Craig Bromell