Changes are coming to the Toronto Police Service through the Transformational Task Force on Policing. Chief Mark Saunders has recently stated to his members regarding the changes that “you will do less with less” and “there will be fewer of you, but we are taking away some of your responsibilities so everything will be fine”.

I’m sorry Chief but things will not be fine. The members of the Toronto Police Service are very upset these days. They have no confidence in Toronto City Hall protecting them. They have lost confidence with the mayor and have zero faith in this so-called ‘Transformational Task Force’.  They feel you as Chief are being forced into something you want nothing to do with. Laying off hundreds of officers and removing some of the civilian positions within the TPS is bad enough. These changes alone will cause long-term moral problems. There is no trust with the decision makers on future changes, like shift changes and removing the two officer patrol car.

The members of the Toronto Police Association have to pull together now. If they show any weakness on any changes then the decision makers on policing will just keep wanting more, until the changes are affecting officer safety, which should be the only concern of the TPA. Nobody should buy this ‘everything will be OK’ talk, not in a era where Black Lives Matter have forced many to turn on the police. The media is buying into the BLM movement and politicians feel free today to turn on the police. Any changes in Toronto will effect all police organizations in Canada; many are waiting to see what happens in here.

The police officers and their civilian members in Toronto must take a stand to any change; they are stakeholders when it comes to policing in Toronto. Take it from me, when the police stick together as one, they are a very powerful group which forces people to listen.

Craig Bromell