Today starts a review of civilian oversight of the police in Ontario. Justice Michael Tulloch (JMT) has a very large mandate to look at oversight accountability and transparency involving police officers. He has until March 2017 to report back to the Attorney General (AG) of Ontario with his findings. This will turn into a forum on ” How to Screw the Police Officer and Make his/her Job Impossible Report”. All cop haters will be listened too; all anti-police organizations will be given a platform and allowed to vent their frustrations about how unfairly the police treat the citizens of Ontario.

I believe there are about 20,000 sworn police officers in the province; the goal of many haters will be to show they are all bad, so ‘off with their heads’.  You have to remember groups like Black Lives Matter make it clear “all cops” are evil.

I’m not sure how much time JMT will give representatives of the front line police officers to voice their side of the problem compared to that given to the cop haters. If police unions are not given equal time then they should force the issue, they should be in a position to challenge any changes that come up that the unions are not happy with. They should be very aggressive with this forum from the start. Maybe have the police lawyers show up everyday with dozens of off duty police officers to hear first hand what is going on.

Be so organized that the unions know exactly what is occurring and who is saying what. Demand that JMT and any other decision makers like the AG do a drive along in a uniform police car with two police officers that are not hand picked by command. Do it for a week, not a couple hours, there is plenty of time, and the report is not due until next March and will probably be delayed anyways.

At some point the union should show up with reports and files on every police officer who has been injured on the job by a citizen of Ontario and demand that every name of a officer killed in the line of duty be called out at this forum, again they have enough time. Show just how messed up the job is for a police officer and how they are suffering.

Craig Bromell