Toronto Police Service report suggesting that every one of their police officers should wear a body camera is a cost in the millions. TPS just concluded a pilot project with 85 of their frontline officers wearing a body camera with the recommendation 3200 of their officers should be fitted with the cameras. The usual comments are coming out from the decision makers, “…could cost too much money” and “…it will help law enforcement and the public”.

Lets be clear on what this is, it will keep an eye on the public and police officers. It will be used to clear an officer of any wrongdoing and also help to prosecute an officer. The same goes for the public, a new form of “big brother” looking over everyone. Cameras are already being used, whenever there is a serious crime on the streets. The first thing police investigators look for are street cameras, they are everywhere, you would be shocked to learn just how many times you travel the streets of any major city and how often you are on camera. It is the world we life in now.

Just be fair about the body cameras. If they are to be used to get a cop, than allow the cops to use them to nail everyone else.

Craig Bromell