Recently, a video was posted by a guy who went on an eleven-minute rant against the police for ticketing him because he was parked in a handicapped parking spot. The guy who went on this rant was black and the officer he is yelling at was black, he accuses the officer of racially profiling him. The guy ranting looks extremely foolish while the officer and a second officer look so professional. They should use this video for any new recruits.

The truth is every day police officers have thousands of interactions with the public; giving out parking tags, giving out Highway Traffic Act tickets, arresting people, or responding to radio calls from disputes to 911 calls.  The ‘norm’ is what you see on this video, officers acting professional when helping the general public. It is too bad it takes some idiot to post his own video, and then get the reverse response he wanted, to show up in the news. More videos should be released when an officer is seen doing his/her job properly and professionally.

A couple things came out of the release of this video, firstly someone looked very foolish and secondly (I guess) we now have black on black racial profiling. At the same time all officers involved made us proud.

Craig Bromell