As the Toronto Police Transformational Task Force continues their meetings with so-called ‘academic experts’, I just can’t believe how quiet it is from all police associations. When the changes to how police will do their jobs is coming from consultants, with an academic and research specialty in crime and policing, I would hope all police leaders, whether with police higher ups or police unions, would be challenging every move or statement these so-called experts make.

The majority of these experts have not walked the walk or talked the talk, never worn a police uniform or been in a position as a police officer and have two seconds to decide the gun being pointed at them is real or not. These experts are sitting at desks in a university where it is safe, deciding the future of policing in Toronto. As I have said in the past, any changes in Toronto will affect many police services across the country.

One question a police union should be asking is ‘what makes a police expert?’ when they haven’t worn the uniform. These are very dangerous times for the front line police officer when a group of people is sitting around a classroom deciding their future. The moment someone walked into that classroom with a gun almost all of them would be running away or hiding under their desks and then the same police they believe are not doing their jobs properly would be rushing in to save every one of them.

The police unions must start getting loud and make it clear everyday they are just not going to stand for change that will affect officer and community safety. They must start challenging any group who wants change just for political gain. At least ask everyone on this task force ‘what makes you an expert on policing?’

Craig Bromell