So far in Toronto in 2016, 70.4% of shooting homicides have gone unsolved, compared to 2012 when only 29.4% went unsolved. Changes in the past 4 years, to how police go about their jobs, are the removal of street checks or carding and the everyday attacks on police by media, special interest groups and politicians.

I talk to police officers everyday and they state it’s not just the carding that has stopped but also other forms of pro-active policing. For the frontline officer the job has become a reactive profession in which they wait for the radio call, instead of getting out of their scout cars and pushing the envelope, when investigating anyone on the streets.

When the discussion of the removal of street checks began all Law Enforcement stakeholders predicted what would happen to solving not just homicides but all violent crimes. Now the usual suspects are stating the community and police have to start getting together more, start trusting each other more, which is just a dream now. Forget that the community does not trust the police; another problem which has arisen in the past couple of years is that the police do not trust certain communities. The police have no trust in politicians or the media. They are not being given a fair chance and it is always negative towards their profession. So the outcome is a less pro-active approach to doing their jobs.

If the priority is going to be ‘no carding’ over solving homicides (and other crimes), then so be it. The frontline of policing gets it, the political correctness of policing wins.

Craig Bromell