Some people/groups are disgusted with the fact the Toronto Police Service are changing the colour of their scout cars. Gone are the white marked scout cars. They are being replaced with painted dark grey cars which some are calling “stealth” in appearance.

If it was not already bad enough for police officers everywhere, now some believe there is a sinister approach for patrolling the streets. Here are some descriptions of the new cars, “stealth, aggression, evil surveillance and mean looking which matches the meanness of Toronto streets”.

Wow, some people really need to get a life. Complaining about how police cars look is really going over the top. We live in a world where everything a cop does will be dissected and analyzed, but complaining about how their cars look takes the cake. It would be very funny if not true (see attached article).

There are obvious reasons why police make any changes to the equipment they use, sometimes for budget reasons. TPS has over 1000 vehicles, cheaper paint can save $$. Or maybe it’s to help performing their duties, like catching bad guys, radar enforcement, catching drunk drivers or performing a multitude of other duties daily.

Few years ago TPS went from sky blue uniform shirts to the black shirts they wear now (TPS will say they are dark blue but believe me they are black shirts) mainly because it saved money and they wanted uniformity of all police officers no matter where they worked. No one complained, no one cared and most thought there were more important things to complain about. If we care what colour police cars are then we have hit rock bottom, and if some people believe they look “meaner” then some people have to get a life.

Craig Bromell