I was shocked and disgusted to hear that a police officer of 17 years, of the Chicago Police Department, was savagely beaten during a traffic stop after she refused to draw her gun in what would have been a justified shooting of a male suspect. The officer hesitated taking out her firearm to protect herself because of fear from the media attention brought onto her and the police department.

My shock and disgust is with this suspect who, for whatever reason, beat a uniform police officer causing her to be admitted to hospital with serious injuries. But, my real shock and disgust is with the police officer. She has no idea the damage she has done to the profession and moving forward when police officers have to protect themselves. Now many critics of the police will use this example as to why police should not use their firearm when protecting themselves or others. This officer could also have put other police officers in jeopardy with this violent suspect. By refusing to defend herself, when justified, she has put herself and other police officers in a really bad spot.

There should never be a hesitation by a police officer when they truly believe their safety is at risk, NEVER. If any police officer is out their with the same feelings as this Chicago cop, they should resign right now. This Chicago officer, who is now in the hospital trying to explain her actions, should never see the streets again, give her a desk job or force her to resign. Policing is not a job where you hesitate.

Back in 1992, 10,000 Ontario police officers marched on Queens Park when the provincial government was trying to bring in a legislation that required a police officer to put in a report and explain their actions every time they took out their gun. Many of us believed this would bring in a sense of hesitation when an officer should be defending themselves with their firearm. I feel sorry for this Chicago officer; their department is going through hell right now. As a police officer you will always protect yourself and other officers no matter how bad it gets with the media or with anyone’s reputation.

Policing, I hope, is still a big family. They protect themselves from the media and anyone else who will challenge whether they should have shot someone or not. I believe all police officers should go home after each shift with not one scratch on themselves. And please do not use this officer as an example of the way it should be, her actions were wrong, she should have taken the suspect down.

Craig Bromell