Many people have asked me what I would be doing to protect police officers today if I was running the Toronto Police Association? In my book COPFATHER I explain throughout the book what any police union should be doing when it comes to protecting police officers. It should be the same today as it has been in the past. Hold those responsible who are anti-police. Below is an excerpt from my book COPFATHER.


……Did we surveil people? Yes. But did I actually go into people’s bedrooms and houses where their families slept. Absolutely never.

I admit that we did surveillance on people – and often counter ‐ surveillance, because we would uncover that the Command was actually following us. But we never wired anybody. An example of one of our parallel investigations was when we encountered a situation where we had absolute confidence that an officer was completely innocent and was being targeted. In this scenario we made sure that we did not tamper or interfere with the ongoing investigation so we wouldn’t cause any further damage to the officer’s reputation. The shadow investigations and perimeter checks we were involved in followed the protocols of decency and respect while trying to get to the truth of the matter. I never became what some of the Command had been to me when they were trying to box me in for real.

In respect to politicians, the truth was that there was no one that was a legitimate threat to us and even if they were we never once tried to set up a politician. We should have stepped up our protests and denials more but the allegations had reached such extreme levels of fear and paranoia that we just didn’t think anybody would believe us. A popular theory amongst our critics was that we were actually doing that shit. Many times we came out to deny the accusations, but the denials would be brushed aside, and it became a waste of time and effort to keep arguing the point. There was also no point in referencing that I had been a victim of that type of treatment, as by this time the political climate in Toronto was so poisoned that no one would ever have believed I could be on the receiving end of it. The media had already formed their opinions and was going to town daily on the backs of police, most notably me…….

Craig Bromell