After the recent death of a man who was brandishing two knives and screaming, in which Toronto police officers used a Taser to control the now deceased male, some are calling for police to have less weapons.  Members of the Toronto police service board of mental health are asking for an emergency meeting with the command of the TPS to ask Chief Saunders if he can supply less weapons to his police officers. In other words stop using the Tasers.

In a world where more police officers are being hunted down and executed it is unbelievable that some decision makers involved in policing could have the stupidity to ask a police chief to stop arming his officers.  All in custody deaths are tragic, whether justified or not, but if the officers involved in this recent use of force did not have a Taser then their only other option was to use their firearms, unless these decision makers want their firearms taken away as well.

People must understand policing is not always going to work out with a happy ending. They have a job in which they have to control some guy with two knives who is a threat to the police and the community. They have to defend themselves and protect society from these types of threats. It is not always officers patrolling the Santa Claus Parade or flipping hamburgers at a community picnic. Most of the time they have to deal with situations that will bring harm to themselves and the community.

Remember they got the call for someone with two knives. What is dangerous and confusing for the police is that these same decision makers were the ones who called for police to use the Tasers instead of using their firearms to control a situation. The people trying to make decisions on behalf of the police are sitting at a desk miles away from the violence, always expecting a happy ending when the police are threatened with injury or death.

Craig Bromell