During his acceptance speech President/elect Donald Trump thanked two groups, US Secret Service and all Law Enforcement. When the National Fraternal Order of Police, which is the largest police union in the States with 330,000 members, supported Donald Trump for President Trump they made it clear too many police officers were suffering and it was becoming a thankless job. Now all police in the States have a president who truly cares for their welfare and safety.

Trump has been a champion for police officers for years and whether people like it or not he will make it better for the police. In time, there will be changes put in place to protect the police. Presently, Police in North America are being targeted for assassination and Trump is the first to say this will be stopped. Whether through new legislation to protect police, better equipment, increasing the numbers of front line police or just showing his support, the police will have it better now.

Nothing in society is perfect but the police have a better chance of doing their jobs in a safer environment when Trump takes office as President of the United States. Well done NAPO, you as a group had the courage to support a cop/friendly candidate when nobody else would.

Craig Bromell